制定了一项计划,以保持MRSA的自由是一个重要的优先事项时,莱斯特郡-基于croxton提出,专科医院进行评估,待人和恢复了成人学习障碍,开辟6个月前。 A weapon employed by the unit in the superbug fight was Kalamazoo Security Print’s bacteria-killing Touch Safe products. 武器受雇于该单位在超级打斗kalamazoo安全打印的细菌杀灭触摸安全的产品。
  工作人员在croxton提出使用touch安全的文具和karefile帧为病人注意到,有一个综合的添加剂含银离子,其中即刻开始杀死微生物对接触。 Cross-contamination remains one of the main methods of spreading the bacteria and not only occurs through healthcare professional-to-patient contact but even through patient records being handled by medical staff.交叉污染仍是一个主要的方法,散布细菌,而不是只发生在通过专业医护人员向病人接触,但即使是通过病人的病历被处理的医疗人员。
  The hospital offers a safe and structured environment for the treatment of individuals with challenging behaviour and complex needs that aren’t being met by other medical institutions.医院提供一个安全和结构化的环境,为个人的待遇与具有挑战性的行为和复杂的需求没有得到满足,其他医疗机构。 The centre not only caters for long-term patients in its 30-bed unit, but also holds regular day service sessions, which seek to enhance life skills and the possibility of patients moving on to community based living.该中心不仅能满足长远的病人中,其30床单位,而且还定期举办日间服务时段,旨在提高生活技能,以及可能的病人走上了以社区为基础的生活。
  Charge Nurse Katie Deedes, a member of the Infection Control Nurse Association and Croxton Lodge’s Lead Nurse for Infection Control, said: “Despite huge efforts to reduce the deadly MRSA bacteria it is still prevalent in many hospitals but we had an opportunity from the off-set to make Croxton Lodge a bacteria free zone.”主管护士凯蒂迪兹的一员,感染控制护士协会和croxton提出的带领护士,感染控制,说: "虽然巨大努力,以减少致命性MRSA感染的细菌,它仍是流行在很多医院,但我们有机会从场外设置,使croxton告状细菌自由地带" 。
  The Health Protection Agency (HPA) admitted that overall reported cases of MRSA in the UK were only 10 per cent lower than the previous year.健康保护局( HPA )承认整体呈报个案MRSA的,在英国只有10 % ,低于前一年。 Regular washing and sterilising of tools goes a long way to preventing bacteria spreading but the strength and adaptability of MRSA means it can pass through any kind of material.定期进行清洗和绝育的工具,他们走很长的路,以防止细菌的蔓延,但强度和适应性MRSA的手段,它可以通过任何一种材料。
  Patients are referred to Croxton Lodge in a variety of ways including NHS/healthcare, social and private services throughout the country.病人转介至croxton提出了各种办法,包括国民保健/卫生保健,社会和私人服务到全国各地。 Parent company, Castlebeck, already has units throughout England and Scotland and has been operating for 20 years.公司的母公司, castlebeck ,已经有单位在整个英格兰和苏格兰并已运作了20年。 All the buildings at the hospital are subjected to rigorous monthly internal audits, known as PSR checks (Periodic Service Reviews) to combat the life threatening bug so there has to be constant daily protection in an environment with a high level of human contact.所有建筑物在医院受到严格按月进行内部审计,被称为脉冲星检查(定期服务的评语) ,以打击危及生命的错误,所以,必须有不断的日常保护,在这样一个环境,与一个高层次的人接触。
  “Even the most careful hospital staff risk passing the bacteria through essential accessories like case note folders, care records and charts which have to be handled with routine frequency,” Charge Nurse Katie Deedes explained. "即使是最仔细的医院工作人员的风险通过该种细菌可透过必要的配件如案例说明文件夹,护理记录和图表,其中有要处理日常的频率, "护士长凯蒂迪兹解释。
  The additives used by Kalamazoo are resistant to bacterial mutation.添加剂使用的kalamazoo有抗药性的细菌突变。 Only last year a deadly new strain the Panton-Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) MRSA, killed a hospital worker and a patient in a Midlands based hospital.仅在去年,一种致命的新紧张panton情人节leukocidin ( PVL的) , MRSA的,打死一名医院工作人员和病人在中部地区的基础医院。 Clinical research has shown that the additive used by Kalamazoo kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria within 24-hours.临床研究表明,该添加剂使用的kalamazoo杀死百分之九十九点九的细菌在24小时。
  “The products give us peace of mind and solved the problem of decontaminating products which are constantly handled but are unpractical to sterilise on a daily basis. "产品,让我们安心,并解决了这个问题的去污产品正不断处理,但都是不切实际用以消毒一天一换。 We would without a doubt recommend Kalamazoo’s products to other hospitals,” Charge Nurse Katie Deedes added.我们将无疑问推荐kalamazoo的产品至其他医院, "护士长凯蒂迪兹补充。
  The Kalamazoo products cover patient records, case note folders, record holders and binders constructed of paper, moulding compounds, thermoplastics, laminates and paints.该kalamazoo产品涵盖了病人的病历,案例说明,文件夹,记录持有人及粘合剂兴建纸,成型化合物,热塑性塑料,复合材料和涂料。 The Touch Safe products contain permanent hygienic solution active 24-hours a day throughout the lifetime of the product.触摸安全产品含有永久卫生溶液积极全天24小时在整个一生中的产品。 Safe to use in any hospital or healthcare facility, the additive has no side effects and is non-toxic.安全使用在任何医院或医疗保健设施,添加剂无副作用,并不含毒性。 Kalamazoo works closely with Medipost (UK) Ltd to distribute this range throughout large public sector organisations. kalamazoo工作,并经常与medipost (英国)有限公司分销这个范围内的整个庞大的公共机构。
  Richard Farmer, UK Sales Director at Kalamazoo Security Print, said: “Doctors and nurses today are very fastidious about hygiene, but situations can arise where patient records carrying MRSA or other superbugs are passed from one healthcare professional to another.理查德农民,英国销售总监kalamazoo安全打印,说: "医生和护士,今天是很挑剔自己的卫生习惯,但情况是有可能发生的地方病人的病历进行MRSA感染或其他超级都是通过从一个医护专业人员到另一个地方。 It is therefore imperative that as well as having rigorous hygiene practices; the paperwork and patient record holders used within hospitals are also resistant to these microbes.因此,这是有必要,以及有严格的卫生习惯;文书工作及病人纪录保持者使用,医院也会抗拒这些微生物。 Croxton Lodge is helping to stop the spread of these dangerous diseases at the source where cross-contamination commonly occurs.” croxton提出帮助制止蔓延的危险,这些疾病在源头那里交叉污染普遍发生" 。
  “Thomas Vimier, Managing Director of Medipost (UK) Ltd, said: “Like Croxton Lodge, our customers are increasingly looking to improve hygiene and fight the spread of superbugs in their facilities. "托马斯vimier ,董事总经理medipost (英国)有限公司合作,说: "像croxton投诉,我们的客户越来越多地转向以改善卫生和扑灭蔓延的超级其设施。 Innovative Kalamazoo Touch Safe products provide a unique solution and are safe and easy to use.”创新kalamazoo触摸安全的产品提供一个独特的解决方案和安全,并易于使用" 。
  The Touch Safe trial was independently tested and verified by LawLabs in Birmingham, the Medical Institute for Microbiology at the University of Milan, the Virology Institute at the University of Catania and the SIK Institute in Gothenburg.触摸安全审判的独立测试和验证的lawlabs在英国伯明翰,医学研究所微生物在米兰大学,病毒学研究所在大学的卡塔尼亚和啬研究所在哥德堡。 Product approval has been granted by the EU Biocide Directive and the US’s Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration.产品已批准授予欧盟生物杀菌剂指令和我们的环境保护机构和美国食品与药物管理局。
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